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Trimble CB420 is a rugged, CAN-based operator interface for conventional machine control systems that provides all the information todays operators need to consistently grade at higher accuracy and faster speeds. This device is designed to be mounted in the cab while in operation, and be quickly removed for storage when not in use. Simple operation with toggle and push-button switches gets you to grade fast and accurately. Dual, ultra bright LED ...  More
$139.0 Trimble Machine Control Coil Cable 6-socket 10-pin GCS 300/400/600
Trimble Machine Control Coil Cord. For use with GCS 300 / 400 / 600 6-socket to 10-pin connections. Used Final sale - make sure you are certain what you need. Thank You ! Total Station - Prisms - Theodolite - Transit - Sokkia - Kern - Wild - Leica - pipe laser - Spectra Precision - Trimble - Nikon - Sokkia
$149.0 Trimble Dozer Cable for Machine Control GCS900-AS400 ADPT 0395-9440-040
NEW Trimble Dozer Cable Part Number 0395-9440-040 GCS900-AS400 ADPT. Has 10-socket to square 5-pin connections. NEW #16 Final sale-item delivered as described
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