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$1590.0 Leica Sprinter 150M Electronic Level Package (METRIC Staff and Onboard memory)
Leica Sprinter 150M Electronic Level Package with internal memory and METRIC staff Leica Sprinter 150M Electronic Level Package (with internal memory METRIC Staff) This Leica Sprinter Electronic Level offers everything that you would expect from a high quality construction instrument. It is perfect for professionals that require more functions than just height and distance results. Professionals including mid-size, large building, civil engineeri ...  More
$142.0 UPDATED 1.65M Aluminum Tripod+5M Staff For Rotary Laser Level A
Including a carrying bag for the staff as photographed above. 5M 5 Section Dumpy Laser Level Staff+ Aluminum Tripod Product Description 1.5 meters length for most common applications. 2.Lightweight,durable aluminum construction. 3.5 teesoping sections. 4.Bubble,Insert bubble to fit the height. 5.Backside rod scale for quick height measurements. 6.Weight:1.6KG 7.Scales are in metirc 8.Include a strong carrying bag. Aluminum tripod Technical Detail ...  More
$9.99 Orange Marking Flag 2.5" x 3.5"., Vinyl, 21"H, Wire Staff, Pk. Qty. 25
Orange Wire Marking Flag 25pc 21" high Metal Detecting (Mark spots, go back & dig) Utility Work Construction Planting Signaling Etc.
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