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$7.99 Farm Buildings, Barns, Cottage, Cabin, Poultry, Windmill, Silo, Dairy CD DVD V76
eBay Classic Archives Listing Please visit our About page for more information about us and our products! Farm Buildings and Rural Construction DVD Over 170 Books and Publications about farm construction on DVD! Classic Books on all types of construction around the farm and in the country on topics, such as: Cottages, Dairy Barns, Farm Buildings, Farm Energy, Electricity, Water and Motrs, Farm Implements, Farm Woodworking, Carpentry, Blacksmithin ...  More
$14.98 Caterpillar 10 15 20 TEN- FIFTEEN- TWENTY Operator’s Instructions - Manual
eBay Operators Instruction Book for Caterpillar Tractors, TEN PTI & up; FIFTEEN PVI & up; High Clearance FIFTEEN 1DI & up; FIFTEEN 7CI & up; TWENTY 8CI & up, originally published by Caterpillar Tractor Co., Peoria, Illinois, 1930s. Reprinted by Nation Builder Books, Leesburg, VA, 2004. 5 x 8 softcover, 24 pages, plus a 8 x 16 inch fold-out Lubrication Chart. This is a new, photoduplicated reproduction of the original operators ...  More
$29.99 Caterpillar D2 Diesel Tractor Service Manual
eBay Caterpillar Diesel D2 Tractor Servicemen's Reference Book This 1948 manual has lots of illustrations and information. The entire tractor is covered except the engine. Table of contents Diesel Engine: hood and dash removal, radiator removal, water pump removal, oil pan removal, oil cooler removal, timing gear removal, removing the diesel engine Power Transmission Units: flywheel clutch (4U6373-up) and (5U13237-up), flywheel clutch (earlier tr ...  More
$16.98 CATERPILLAR Diesel D-2 Operator’s Instructions
eBay Operators Instructions for Caterpillar Diesel D-2 Tractor, Serial Numbers 3J1 - 3J8600 and 5J1 5J10561, originally published by Caterpillar Tractor Co., Peoria, Illinois, 1930s. Reprinted by H & S Technical Publications, Gettysburg, Penn., 2004. 5 x 8 paperback, 58 pages, plus a Key to Lubricants. This is a new, photoduplicated reproduction of the original operators manual for Caterpillar Diesel D-2 Tractors, with the following Serial Nu ...  More
$18.98 Bucyrus Erie 20-B Shovel, Dragline, Crane, Catalog - prob 1950s - reprint
eBay Bucyrus Erie 20-B, Bulletin 20-B-2, Shovel, Dragline, Crane, Clamshell, Dragshovel, Skimmer; Gasoline, Diesel, Electric, published by the Bucyrus-Erie Company, South Milwaukee, Wisc. The original is not dated, but it is probably late 1940s or early 1950s, since there are telephone numbers beginning with exchange names followed by either four or five numbers. Reproduced by Nation Builder Books, Mebane, NC 2014, 8 x 11 paperback, 31 pages. Ple ...  More
$11.61 Original Vintage Champion Heater Co Portable Space Heater Sales Brochure USA
eBay Original, vintage sales brochure for the Champion Heater Company, Missouri USA, Champ-Heater, models 120, 200 and 400. Included in the sales brochure, are detailed illustrations/photos of the models with features, benefits and specifications. Please enlarge the pictures for a closer look and to determine the condition of the sales brochure.
$7.99 1977 Wabco 3200B Electric Haulpak Mining Truck Photo c7501-DY3DKL
$24.99 Caterpillar 2 - TON Operator Instructions
$32.0 Caterpillar D2 Servicemen’s Reference Book--reprint of 1958
$12.49 1922 Erie Type “B” Shovel General Description, Bulletin S-16 - reprint
$14.99 1967 ARPS Trench Devil HLK Trencher Tractor Brochure wl2858-VMTFIJ
$27.99 Caterpillar D2 Diesel Tractor Operator's Instructions
$13.99 Caterpillar Thirty
$11.98 Caterpillar Diesel Engine Serviceman’s Reference Book 1941
$14.99 1993 Caterpillar 16G Construction Motor Grader Brochure mw7403-9Y6XBD
$14.99 1967 ARPS Trench Devil RL Trencher Tractor Brochure wl2861-YWKOMV
$14.98 CaTeRPiLLaR Diesel D-2 TRACTOR 1938 ad - reprint
$24.99 Caterpillar 2 - TON Parts Book
$29.99 Caterpillar D2 Diesel Parts Catalog
$15.98 The Caterpillar Line 1939 - advertising booklet of full 1939 Cat line - reprint
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