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$2125.0 Trimble Spectra Precision GL422N Dual Slope W/HL760 RECEIVER NIMH BATTERIES
GL422N Grade Laser The automatic, self-leveling Spectra Precision GL422N dual grade lasers is the most rugged, cost-effective lasers that do three jobslevel, grade, and vertical alignment. Even in harsh jobsite conditions, the GL422N delivers consistently reliable and accurate performance,enabling you to work faster and smarter. The rugged GL422N lasers can withstand drops of up to one meter (three feet) onto concrete and tripod tipovers up to 1. ...  More
$2378.0 Spectra Laser LR60 Machine Control Receiver w/ Magnetic Mount, NiMH Batteries &
Spectra Precision Laser has more choices and better choices because they build the toughest products on earth. There's a reason Spectra Precision Laser is the strongest name in the industry. They invented the industry. From day one they have pioneered every major development in laser positioning for construction. That's why you will find their products on more job sites around the world than any other brand. We are a proud to be a factory authori ...  More
Brand new Spectra Precision repl Brand new Spectra Precision replacement battery pack PN:1046-5106S, can be used with alkaline or rechargeable batteries. Works with following Spectra lasers: LL500 L500 L500C 500 750 650 350 220 200 EL-1 BY PLACING A BID YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS OF SALE TERMS OF SALE: Winning an auction is Agreeing to purchase the item. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION, LOOK AT PICTURES, RESEARCH THE ITEM THAT YOU ARE BIDDING ON, AND ASK ...  More
This point features an anodized New! Spectra Precision 1145 laser level rechargeable battery pack. Works with Spectra Physics, Laserplane, Spectra Precision laser level models; 1145, 1145-1, 1145-2, 1145-S. If you need other battery packs please email us. BY PLACING A BID YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS OF SALE TERMS OF SALE: Winning an auction is Agreeing to purchase the item. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION, LOOK AT PICTURES, RESEARCH THE ITEM THAT YOU ARE ...  More
$29.01 Spectra Laser Ni/Cad Battery Pack Q103311 5 AH Battery Cell (lot of 4)
Spectra Laser Ni/Cad Battery Pack Q103311 5 AH (lot of 4) Fits All LL and HV300 Series, LL and HV400 Series and GL400 Series Spectra Laser 5 amp hour Replacement Battery Pack for LL300, HV301, LL400, HV401, GL412, GL422, GL512 and GL522 Lasers. Spectra Laser Model No. Q103311 Battery Cells Only
$42.76 Spectra Precision Q104234 10Ah NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack
The Spectra NiMH 10Ah Battery Pack The Spectra NiMH 10 Ah Battery Pack works with various Spectra self leveling lasers and grade lasers. With a 10 Ah capacity, this rechargeable battery prevents downtime on the jobsite due to battery drain. Features Can be charged using the Spectra Worldwide Charger for Spectra laser and grade levels (Sold Separately) Compatible with Spectra models LL300, LL400, HV301, HV401, GL412, GL422, GL512 and GL522. Includ ...  More
$900.0 Trimble Spectra Precision LL300N HL450 & RECHARGABLE BATTERIES TRIPOD & ROD
$2359.0 Spectra GL622 Dual Grade Laser DR400 DigiRod & RC602 Remote NiMH battery pack
$22.95 Spectra LL300 LL400 GL412 GL422 HV301 HV401 rechargeable battery cradle
$1219.99 Spectra Precision Laser LR30 Receiver NiMH rechargeable batteries, Hard Case!
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