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$34.5 CST/Berger Wild Rotating Tribrach Adapter 61-2525 from Authorized US Dealer
CST/Berger Wild Rotating Tribrach Adapter (part #: CST-61-2525)The 3/4-circle brass locking ring will not mar the Zeiss theodolite plug and always springs back for easy insertion and removal. The removable 5/8x11-threaded center is available separately.
Leica WILD GPS SYSTEM 200 In 1994 Leica introduced the Wild GPS System 200 and System 300 comprise of GPS receiver hardware and PC based software for GPS Surveying and related applications. The Main components are: GPS Sensors: Receive the satellite signals. GPS Controllers: Control the Sensor, log the data and steer the survey operation. Post-processing software: Used to process GPS data. The following products belong to the GPS200 / GPS300 SYST ...  More
$700.0 Wild Heerbrugg Theomat T1000 With Two Batteries
Theomat T1000. Solid condition. Comes with two batteries.
$670.0 Wild Heerbrugg Theodolite T1 Calibrated Free World wide Shipping
AGF Survey Wild Heerbrugg Theodolite T1 Description Wild Heerbrugg theodolite T1in good working condition mith minor paint marks ,it has been fully checked and calibrated by Leica Authorized , a valid calibration certificate will be enclosed.Free Shipping World Wide I have many other surveying items for sale please contact for the details and click on "see other items" ALL PRICES EXCLUDE VAT. UK & EU buyer prices will be subject to 20% VAT(ex ...  More
$9.99 9 Pin to Leica and Wild Instrument Total Station and Digital Level Data Cable
Description COM Port RS232 Data Cable For Leica Total Stations 100% Brand New and High Quality A ideal communication data download cable for Leica total stations A ideal communication data download cable for Leica total stations Leica 5-pin male Leica type connector on one end, and 9-pin female RS232 interface (serial connector) on the other. Cable length is approximately 1.8 M Best price with good quality Color:Black
$899.99 Leica WILD T1610 Total Station w/Case
$23.99 Wild Heerbrugg RDS Tacheometer Vertical Staff Sales Booklet - 16 Pages Excellent
$499.99 Leica Wild Heerbrugg T3000 Total Measuring Surveying Station Survey Tool
$499.98 Leica Wild Heerbrugg T3000 Theodolite Total Surveying Station Survey Tool
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